Meet Dr. Lori

The James M. Dixon Foundation for Alzheimer's Research and Support, Inc.

Dr. Lori-Renee Dixon James, or Dr. Lori as she is called most often, has become a much sought-after voice for advocacy and the rights of persons with disabilities, both physical and hidden. She is the founder and CEO of The James M. Dixon Foundation for Alzheimer's Research and Support, Focus on Education, Inc., and Focused Passenger Services, which provides individualized consultation and advocacy services; workshop development and facilitation, for both public and private organizations and individuals; and resource and referral services for persons with disabilities. Focused Passenger Services provides consultation resources to airports and airlines, in the areas of disabilities, Section 504 and ADA, as well as individual travelers requiring special planning.  Dr. Lori is an author, speaker/presenter, blogger/podcaster, and has an oline presence in many different arenas.  Please review the website for The James M. Dixon Foundation at  

The James M. Dixon Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 charitable organization with a mission to support research that will eradicate Alzheimer’s disease; increase awareness of the disease and its risk factors; provide information on preventative measures; support Caregivers; and enhance the lives of persons living with Alzheimer’s disease, especially underserved individuals and in under supported areas.

Currently, there is no known cure for Alzheimer's disease. However, according to Us Against Alzheimer's, there is strong evidence that people can reduce or prevent their risk of cognitive decline. The Foundation believes that it is time to replace fear, frustration, despair and disappointment with determination and hope. Through various programs and activities, The James M. Dixon Foundation seeks to provide awareness, support, and resources to help reduce cognitive decline and provide hope to the Alzheimer's and related dementia community.  The James M. Dixon Foundation visions a world free from Alzheimer’s disease. To that end, The Foundation works locally and nationally to increase awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and the effects it has on persons suffering from the disease and those who care for them, through strategic community engagement, training, policy development, support and more.

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