Meet Dr. DeLon Canterbury


GeriatRx is a pharmacist-led medication management company that focuses on helping overwhelmed caregivers stop their loved ones from being overmedicated using genetic-drug screening, deprescribing, and health cost savings strategies. We specialize in developing medication action plans for patients of all ages, but with a specialty in Geriatric care. Unlike your traditional pharmacist, we develop a three-month strategy to address overmedicated patients using a holistic and evidence-based approach in accordance with your prescriber so that there are no gaps in communication of care. Founder of the Deprescribing Accelerator, DeLon envisions all pharmacists and senior care providers as Deprescribing Advocates and coaches professionals how to integrate, leverage, and monetize Deprescribing into clinical practice! The Deprescribing Accelerator trains passionate nurses, pharmacists, and prescribers on how they can be serve our overmedicated seniors by increasing your revenue’s practice with referrals and a value-based, sustainable care model within your business.

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