Meet Dr. Wanda Powe

Take It To The S.E.A.

Greetings! As an experienced educator, my expert skills and training have afforded me an opportunity to serve in many capacities. Prior to becoming a middle school teacher, I began my career as a second-grade paraprofessional. Years later, I would become a resident of Georgia and eventually an assistant principal of Suder Elementary School.    

For the past 14 years, I have taught and engaged scholars from all walks of life. Like me, despite their unique circumstances, many overcame challenges through the encounters of educators who have inspired them the most. With that said, in addition to becoming a first-generation doctoral graduate, I am the author of the book, Where History Meets Poetry – African American Legends.

As a facilitator, and the brainchild of a simple four-step process, Take it to the S.E.A., the purpose is to cultivate a culture of self-awareness and promote skills that foster the ability to understand and identify patterns of maladaptive behaviors. As a result, emotional self-regulation becomes paramount in the ability to reduce or prevent impulsive responses. So whether through thoughts, words or actions, our success at responding to stressors in our environment depends largely upon the coping skills we possess.

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